Rehabilitation Center

Golden Family Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

The Golden Family Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center at WildCare was a dream that became a reality for WildCare and Oklahoma wildlife in 2015.  Move-in day, June 20th 2015, became one of the most monumental days in WildCare history.  The new 5,200sq ft Center has created seemingly limitless opportunities for improvement in patient care, increased public awareness, and education for the rehabilitators of today and the future.  We are forever grateful for the support from our community, inspiration and encouragement from family and friends, and generosity of 563 donors of the Center who trust in our organization and our mission, and demonstrate profound compassion for wildlife.

Center at WildCare - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

The Center is comprised of the following areas:

Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Admissions - Sponsored by the Chickasaw Nation

Over 6,000 animals per year arrive at our admissions area thanks to thousands of kindhearted rescuers. Rescuers are invited to observe the intake process as patients are assigned an individual patient identification number, logged into our database, and receive their initial exam. Rescuers may also browse the admissions area which offers educational materials, sale items, and viewing windows into three of our nurseries and veterinary clinic.

Animal Care Areas

Seven distinct nurseries provide increased space for housing young and/or critical patients. Unnecessary stress on the patients is avoided by having the ability to house dissimilar species in separate areas. Each nursery is equipped with appropriate housing, supplies and storage, and a large sink. Three of the nurseries have viewing windows from the admissions area where visitors may observe our team at work without disturbing the patients.

Raptor RoomSponsored by Bill and Kim Schlitter

Most frequently used for raptor nestlings and adult birds of prey in critical condition, the raptor room houses a variety of hawks and owls during their first stage of treatment.

Raptor Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Reptile Room

Turtles with injuries from vehicle collisions are the most common occupant of this space.  Shell repair is a slow process, so most patients housed here are residents for many months.

Reptile Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Mammal RoomSponsored by the Everett Family Foundation

This room is a place where orphaned opossums grow up with their siblings, young squirrels eagerly wait for the next feeding, and newborn skunks open their eyes for the first time.  The nursery staff has a demanding schedule to meet in the small mammal nursery from March through November.

Mammal Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Mammal Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Raccoon Room – Sponsored by Peggy Shultz and John Preston

The raccoon room is full of activity in the summer months, housing several groups of enthusiastic baby raccoons.  In the fall and winter months, this space is used for critically injured adult raccoons.

Raccoon Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Raccoon Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Songbird Room

During baby bird season in the spring and summer months, this room is filled with the sounds of hundreds of hungry babies who are fed by the dedicated bird team every half hour from dawn to dusk. 

Songbird Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Songbird Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Songbird Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Cottontail Room

WildCare works with over 1,000 cottontails each year. As a prey species that is extremely prone to stress, having their own quiet space is of upmost importance.

Cottontail Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Cottontail Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Predator RoomSponsored by Jerry and Betty Cook

The predator room is the starting point for injured and/or orphaned predatory mammals such as bobcats, foxes, and coyotes.   

Predator Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma


Each Nursery has access to the 16’ wide porch which extends the 105’ length of the Center and provides the space for patients in the nurseries to spend time outside during daylight hours.  Access to sunlight is a key element in wildlife husbandry that aids in proper development in rapidly growing young wildlife.

Porch - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Isolation Room

The isolation room provides a separate space for patients being treated for diseases that may be contagious to other patients.

Isolation Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Veterinary ClinicSponsored by Marlys and Robert Lipe

The WildCare clinic is equipped with diagnostic tools including digital x-ray machine, microscope, CBC machine, and blood chemistry analyzer.  Several surgeries are done in the clinic each week thanks to the availability of equipment such as an anesthesia machine, vitals monitoring equipment, bipolar electro-surgical unit, wet table, and autoclave.  The clinic has enabled WildCare to provide all necessary medical procedures efficiently and on-site, drastically improving the level of care we can provide to our patients.


The Center’s centrally located commissary allows for easy access to laundry facilities, frozen, refrigerated and dry food storage, and large counters for diet preparation.

Commissary - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Commissary - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Human Areas - Sponsored by Rondi Large and O.T. Sanders


WildCare can now provide housing for seasonal interns who travel from all over the country for the opportunity to be a part of WildCare’s accredited program.

Staff/Volunteer Room

Human Kitchen - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

This space includes a full kitchen, break room, and bathroom.

Director’s Office

Director's Office - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Education Room In memory of Jeannie and Earl Brewer

Incorporating an Education Room into the Center will expand educational opportunities for the general public, and has provided a space to hold classes as part of our internship program.  It is also used as a space for media interviews, staff meetings, and administrative/fundraising projects.

Education Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma
Director's Office - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Storage Room

This room provides space to keep supplies and equipment organized and accessible. The space also contains a convenient mop sink.

Utility Room

Having a utility room secures the building operations away from animal activity.

Public RestroomIn memory of John E. Large.

For those that didn’t know Director Rondi Large’s father, John, he was a civil engineer that designed septic systems.  After thirty years of recommending that WildCare should spring for a public bathroom rather than continue to share the use of Rondi’s home facilities, he is perhaps the only person who would be truly honored by this memorial. 

Public Restroom - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma