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Oklahoma’s native wildlife needs your support! WildCare is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned native Oklahoma wildlife. Without any government funding, everything that we provide for our patients including food, medication, housing, and professional caretakers, is funded through donations from caring individuals like you. WildCare is also a Combined Federated Charity #57195. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today in support of our mission. Every contribution makes a difference to our wild neighbors who receive a second chance at freedom, and a new life. Thank you for your support!
“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
Edmond Burke

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Other Ways to Give:

  • Interested in donating a specific item? Visit our Amazon Wish List to browse a variety of items that will benefit our current and future patients.
  • Do you do your online shopping on Amazon? Amazon Smile will donate .5% of your total purchase when you choose WildCare Foundation as your charitable organization!
  • WildCare t-shirts are now available for sale at our Center. Stop by admissions to pick your favorite design today! Adoption kits to learn about and support you favorite species are also available.
  • Keep your eye on our Facebook page and Newsletters for opportunities to contribute to special projects.
  • Donate in-kind items we use every day. Click here for a list of suggested items.
  • Make an in-kind or monetary donation when you attend our Events.
  • Make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one by using the online form above or downloading this form and mailing it with your donation.

What are donations used for?

Medical Care

Providing medical care for injured and orphaned wildlife requires specialized training and experience. One of our largest expenses is the employment of a professional staff and team of seasonal interns. Executive Director, Rondi Large, serves on a 100% volunteer basis. The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) accredited internship program provides aspiring wildlife rehabilitators with opportunities for training and development while assisting WildCare staff in day-to-day operations during our busy baby seasons. It takes more than $200,000 to fund an average of 12 full-time internships per year in addition to a small full-time paid staff operating under volunteer Director Rondi Large. Administrative costs remain low at just 4.3% of the $338,000 budget for direct program expenses.

Proper Nutrition

Providing proper nutrition to more than 6,000 patients each year is another daunting constant expense. A good diet is a key piece of successful rehabilitation of injured wildlife, and an absolute necessity for proper development in young orphaned wildlife. WildCare is grateful to Country Boy Markets who have donated a constant supply of produce for our herbivorous and omnivorous patients for many years now. We are also thankful for the plentiful supply of fish donated regularly by the Oklahoma City Zoo. This leaves a few major costs for food including, milk, meat, and mealworms.

Species-Specific Milk Formulas

For orphaned mammals, species-specific milk formulas are the answer for proper development as they are each designed to closely match the widely varying nutritional makeup of each species’ natural milk. Providing the right formulas to thousands of animals, representing 30 different mammal species, results in a $7,000 annual cost.

Milk Bottle - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

Rats and Mice

For carnivorous mammals and birds of prey, rats and mice (humanely euthanized by our supplier) make up the vast majority of their diet while in care. The nutrition provided by this “whole-body” diet is unmatched by other meat sources. At $4 per rat, and 80 cents per mouse, the annual bill is more than $50,000. The first Monday of each month is Munch-a-Meal Monday at WildCare, and your chance to take one of our patients to lunch by contributing to our rats/mice fund. The campaign is announced each month on our Facebook page.

Munching Mouse - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma


Mealworms are used as the bulk of the diet for many insectivores, primarily songbird species. Supplying their fast-metabolisms with high-protein fuel costs $2,500 each year.

Dry Foods

Dry foods such as bird seed, dog food, cat food, and rodent block are another major expense in providing proper nutrition. These are all items that are listed on our Amazon Wish List to help maintain a constant supply.

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses make up 12% of the annual budget. This includes veterinary care, medications, medical supplies, and vaccines. WildCare has surgical and diagnostic capabilities including x-ray and can provide on-site medical care from rescue to release. Our wild neighbors are deserving of top-notch medical care when in need, just like any other living creature, and at WildCare, that’s exactly what they get.

Medical Room - Wildcare Foundation Oklahoma

WildCare is a well-established non-profit organization that has been in sound operation since 1984. As an organization committed to financial transparency, we invite you to visit GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on non-profits. View our profile and resources so you can feel confident in knowing exactly what your donation will support.