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Center Hours of Operation are 9am to 7pm every day.
WildCare picks up wildlife from the OKC shelter daily at 4pm.

By phone: 405-872-9338
By E-mail: [email protected]
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7601 84th St, Noble, OK 73068

In an Emergency

Be prepared, put WildCare on speed-dial! If you have found a wild animal that may be injured or orphaned, please contact by phone as it is the most efficient way to reach us in a wildlife emergency. If you have found an animal during our hours of operation that is clearly critically injured, there is no need to call ahead unless you are in need of advice for safe capture and transport.

WildCare does not have a rescue/transport team and relies heavily on the public for this crucial part of the rehabilitation process. Wildlife in need may be brought directly to our center in Noble, or to the OKC Animal Shelter. We suggest transporting patients directly to Noble whenever possible so treatment can begin without delay. Feel free to speak with our trained staff before attempting capture/transport of a wild animal. Remember to put safety first as you are dealing with wild animals whose behavior can be unpredictable.

Accidental kidnappings are common and must be avoided as it is critically important that young wildlife remain in the care of their parent(s) or reunited with their family whenever possible. It is therefore especially important with healthy juveniles that you contact us before taking action so our professional staff can determine if rescue is the most appropriate response.

If you reach our voicemail, we are likely on the line with another wildlife emergency, or with a patient. Please leave a brief message clearly stating your name, phone number, and animal of concern. Your call will be returned as promptly as possible. In the meantime, keep the animal in a warm, dark, and quiet place away from pets and loud noises. Do not handle or feed the animal.

If you reach our voicemail outside of our hours of operation (9am to 7pm), leave a message and keep the animal overnight in a warm, dark, and quiet place away from pets and loud noises. WildCare does not have an after-hours drop-off location. Do not handle or feed the animal.

Visit our Wildlife Emergencies page for more detailed information.

Patient Updates

At the time of admission, every patient at WildCare is assigned a unique identification number used for their medical records. If you are interested in following up with the progress of an animal you have rescued or making a donation to support their care, please be sure to request your patient’s ID number so you will be equipped with all of the necessary information to request an update. Please note that this number will only be available to you at our Center in Noble, not at the OKC Animal Shelter drop-off location.

Please use e-mail to request a patient update to keep our line open for incoming emergency calls. Send the species, date of admittance, and admission number (##-####) to [email protected]. Please wait at least 3 days after admission to request an update so we will be able to provide a more accurate prognosis. The care of our patients is always our top priority, and as such it may take up to 5 days to receive a response. In the meantime, visit our Facebook page where we share many patient stories and updates among other fun and educational posts, photos, and video!