WildCare Staff & Volunteers

Full Time Staff

Terrie Girlinghouse moved to Oklahoma from South Dakota with her husband the summer of 2005. Members of Terrie’s church (University Lutheran) encouraged her to seek a job at WildCare because of her experience raising baby parrots and wild baby birds while working for a veterinarian in South Dakota. Terrie enjoys her work especially working with owls, pigeons, pelicans, turtles and nighthawks.

This is Karyn Lesinski’s second  season interning with WildCare. Karyn grew up in Ohio and graduated from Wittenberg University in 2010 with a degree in biology. Pursuing a career in wildlife rehabilitation, she interned with Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital in Wisconsin before joining the WildCare team. She loves caring for the multitude of species that come into the nursery each summer, but especially likes working with cottontail rabbits, foxes, skunks and fawns.

Laura Kintz joined us for a second time this season. She grew up in New Hampshire and received her B.S. degree in Biology from Keene State College. Laura spent a couple years working on different projects as a biological field technician.  Her first year as a wildlife rehabilitation intern was at a wildlife hospital in Wisconsin in 2010.  Laura says she loves working at WildCare because she has the opportunity to work with such a large variety of native species.  She especially enjoy caring for young skunks and barred owls.  For Laura, the best part of the job is releasing healthy animals back to nature.

Seasonal Interns & Volunteers

Guinevere Stice has been with WildCare since August of 2009. She will soon be starting her final year at OU and hopes to one day work at a national park. Her favorite critters are beavers.

Jennie Mook is a first year intern at WildCare this summer and is an Oklahoma native. She is currently attending OU to receive degrees in zoology, psychology, and environmental studies. She dreams of studying animal cognition and behavior in hopes to further wildlife conservation. Despite being an avid mammal lover, Jen’s favorite animals are the Mississippi Kites.

Deb Roppoli first came to WildCare as an animal transport volunteer. In the summer of 2008 Deb joined the Nursery staff. Deb enjoys working with the baby song birds. They grow so quickly yet there are so many of them.

Kim Melnyk joined the WildCare team as an intern for the first time this summer. She is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech where she received her B.S. She hopes to continue to further her education either in field research on animal behavior or veterinary medicine. Kim’s favorite animals to work with at WildCare are the raptors and songbirds.

Past WildCare Staff & Volunteers

Jake Shurba’s spent one summer working as a WildCare intern. He is from Chicago, IL and studying at the College of DuPage, working towards a zoology degree. He hopes to continue his studies in zoology to further pursue work in the ornithology field, especially working with birds of prey. His favorite animals to work with at WildCare are of the avian variety but specifically the birds of prey, especially the owls.

Rachel Berkowitz joined us for her first summer as an intern at WildCare, after two and a half years as a volunteer. She grew up in Oklahoma but will be going to Stanford in the fall to study biology. She hopes to be a wildlife veterinarian and continue her education in wildlife rehabilitation. Otters are one of her favorite animals.

Miranda Vesy came to WildCare in January of 2008 from Youngstown, Ohio. She graduated from Youngstown State university in 2007 with a degree in biology. She interned with Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Texas before joining WildCare. Miranda especially likes working in the outside areas and her favorite animal is the skunks, even if it means sometimes getting sprayed!

Amanda Hayes is  an Oklahoma native, she is a senior at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Microbiology and Pre-Veterinary Medicine with a minor in Chemistry. Amanda wants to become a small and large animal veterinarian, with hopes that she will continue to work with wildlife and even exotic animals. Until she is accepted into veterinary school, she hopes to work in a lab doing disease control and research. Amanda’s favorite animals to care for at WildCare are the raccoons!

Kristy Wicker came to WildCare as a volunteer, becoming a first year intern this summer.  She is originally from Illinois and received her M.S. in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University.  She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and learn about such a large variety of native species.  Her favorite animals to work with at WildCare are squirrels and opossums.