WildCare Facilities

WildCare is located on 20 acres in a rural area of Cleveland County, East of the city of Noble, OK. Approximately 6 acres are enclosed by a 6 foot high chain link fence. Scattered with in the perimeter fence are several enclosures nestled between dense cedars trees. WildCare has in addition to 2,600 square feet of dedicated inside space, 13,400 square feet of outside mammal enclosures and 26,100 square feet of outside bird enclosures.

Take a photo tour of WildCare in the Photo Gallery area.  The following are a few of the enclosures we use for recovering animals at WildCare:

  • Fawn Enclosure: 70’x100’ stockade fenced enclosure with an infant area, a recovery area, and a play area specifically designed for fawns.
  • Summerlee Bobcat Enclosure: 40’x40’ including 2 smaller holding pens for injured bobcats or very young babies. Both areas connect to the large play area full of trees and logs to climb.
  • Owens Stadium: 20’x20’ enclosure designed for digging mammals. Most frequently used for the final stage of raising skunks. It has also been used for prairie dogs and badgers.
  • Coon Condo: Eight 10’x18’ condos dedicated to housing raccoons. Each condo has platforms, jungle gyms, and den boxes. All are connected to a central hallway and share a kitchen and storage area.
  • Seagate Complex: Eighteen runs from 4’x8’ to 12’x20’ designed for squirrels and opossums. All runs have jungle gyms and den boxes. They connect with a central hallway and share a kitchen and food storage area.
  • Gussey Waterfowl Habitat: 60’x25’ pond with a 60’x100’ perimeter fence. Ducks, geese, and herons have amble room to stole around the pond or for swimming. There is a 18’x24’ metal insulated Duck Inn where we have 2 brooders for the infant ducklings. Each brooder has access to a heated area and a swimming area. Duck Inn has two 8’x12’ inside rooms also with heat and swimming area. Both room access to an outside 12’x12’ room that opens up to the pond.
  • Dianna’s Big Splash: 30’x24’ enclosure with a 12’x10’ pond, waterfall and a lodge for beavers.
  • Raptor Room: Seven areas with perching and platforms for owls. Each area has an outside flight attached to an inside barn area. Each area is connected by a central hallway and share a kitchen area.
  • IBC: 12’x24’ car port adapted with perching and artificial trees to house song birds.
  • Eagles Rest: Eight 4’x8’ holding areas for hawks and owls that are recovering from broken wings and legs. Each holding area is connected by a central hallway.
  • Eagle Flight: 60’x100’x20’ enclosed with netting over the tops of several trees. A 12’x8’x12’ shed is located at one end. Several sturdy perches at different heights are placed for eagles to perch on.
  • Bird Row: 5 12’x20’ areas for young hawks and owls.
  • JT Aviary: 40’x100’ netted aviary including several cedar trees primarily for larger hawks and vultures.