Volunteer at WildCare

The incredible support we receive from our volunteers allows us to provide for the care of so many animals each year. Please consider joining us as a volunteer! We’ve listed below some of the areas where we need your help. Use the convenient form below to let us know what areas are of interest to you.

Direct Care Volunteer – All aspects of animal care (Minimum requirements are 3 hours once a week for 3 months)

  • Prepares food
  • Cleans enclosures, feeds animals
  • May assist with handling
  • Makes a weekly commitment

Committee Member – All aspects of administrative care

  • Brainstorms, plans, and organizes events and fundraisers
  • Plans and participates in educational outreaches
  • Meets regularly

Special Project Volunteer – Any aspects of facility growth

  • Develops and executes building projects
  • Maintains facility
  • Includes service groups, welders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters,  etc

Bottle feeding bobcats
In the summer of 1995, I happened to see WildCare Director Rondi Large on the evening news, talking about a recent storm that had left a lot of baby animals homeless. A couple of weeks later, I saw her again–this time speaking at a Sierra Club meeting. I approached her after the meeting about volunteering for the organization, and have been devoting a good chunk of my Sundays to WildCare ever since. To a degree that I wouldn’t have imagined when I started volunteering, I have grown to deeply cherish and respect the wild creatures that inhabit this state. I have bottle-fed bobcats, medicated owls and Mississippi kites, released healthy animals back into wild, and shoveled endless piles of poop…and I have loved it all. By spending time nurturing the most helpless of creatures, I have felt that in some small way, I’m doing what I can to help make the planet a better place.
— Tracy

Being a part of something that impacts the future of our planet
Like most WildCare volunteers, I began volunteering when I brought animals in need of care. In June of 1998, someone decided to use my nesting purple martins for target practice. All three of the dead females had babies. Though the last of the purple martin babies died eleven days later, I remained. At WildCare, I’m able to observe our native wildlife from a very close perspective. From up close, I witness the intra and interspecies interaction that takes place on a daily basis. I get to watch babies grow from helpless infants into self-sustaining adults who can survive without human aid. I’ve seen miracles take place in animal recovery. Volunteering at WildCare gives me a sense of being a productive part of something great and wondrous — something that truly impacts the future of our planet.
— Carol

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