Release Site Program

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Release Site Program

Our mission is to provide people a place to bring native wildlife struggling to survive with the goal of releasing healthy individuals back to nature.  You can imagine that with more than 7,000 patients each year, it is a challenge to find suitable release sites for each one.  That’s where you come in!  Most of our release sites are provided by private land owners.  Joining the WildCare Release Site Program is a unique way to support our mission and an opportunity to participate in the most exciting stage of rehabilitation- release!

Benefits of joining the program:

  • Celebrate success stories with us by having the unique opportunity to witness rehabilitated wildlife return home to nature.
  • Play an important role in our mission at no cost.
  • Enjoy the experience and benefits of sharing your land with native Oklahoma wildlife.

The requirements for a release site for each individual are dependent on species, age, and time of year.  Generally speaking, we are looking for safe sites away from areas of heavy human traffic that are 30 acres or more and have a year-round water source.  If that sounds like your land, apply today by filling out the quick form below!  

This program has been instituted to aid the Wildcare Foundation in locating suitable sites for the release of individual rehabilitated wild animals. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or the information requested on this application, please contact the Wildcare Foundation by phone at 405.872.9338

Please upload or provide links to any available maps and/or helpful photos of property features.

    I, the undersigned, hereby give the Wildcare Foundation permission to release rehabilitated wildlife on my property. I may discontinue this agreement at anytime upon written notification to the Wildcare Foundation.

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