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Internship Program

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WildCare is proud to offer seasonal internships geared toward providing practical experience for wildlife rehabilitators of tomorrow while furthering our mission to provide people a place to bring native wildlife struggling to survive with the goal of releasing healthy individuals back to nature. 

WildCare interns are vital members of our team here at Oklahoma’s largest licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility.  Their hard work is valued as an integral part of the continued success of our mission.  In return, through training and guidance from WildCare Team Leaders, Wildlife Care Managers, Veterinarians, and the Director, interns are presented with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on training, experience personal growth, establish a foundation for a successful career, and make a difference for Oklahoma wildlife at an experienced and respected Center.

The internship experience at WildCare is broad, offering the opportunity to work with as many as 140 different species of native Oklahoma wildlife throughout the the course of a single season. Interns have responsibilities in all aspects of care for Oklahoma’s injured and/or orphaned wildlife from admission through release.  They gain detailed information regarding natural history, housing, diets, medical treatments, physical examinations, progress evaluations, and release assessments.  Following medical protocols and carrying out day-to-day husbandry tasks provides interns with a realistic introduction to professional wildlife rehabilitation, and equips them with a measurably expanded skill set.

Internship Program

WildCare admits over 7,000 patients annually.  In Oklahoma, baby season begins in Feb/March and continues through November.  It is during this time that WildCare is in need of extra hands to take on heavy caseloads, caring for as many as 900 patients in a day.  Full-time paid internships are available from a ten-week minimum to nine months throughout the baby season to help fulfil this need.  While applications are accepted at any time, open internship positions for the following baby season are typically announced in January of each year.  Openings will be listed on the employment opportunities page of this website in addition to the NWRA and IWRC job boards.  To apply, you will need to submit a cover letter, resume, and 3 references.   

Internship Program

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