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Spring 2013

Spring here at WildCare is always busy. It’s usually our busiest time of the year. This spring, as you know, we had a string of thunderstorms, tornados, hail and flooding. This extreme weather left many of our birds and wildlife injured, orphaned, stressed and displaced. We took in over 840 new animals including; cottontails, raccoons, coyotes, red fox, owlets, hummingbirds, bobcats and so many more. We have a wonderful staff, great team of volunteers, and along with your financial support we are able to treat, care for and foster these animals back to health. Once healthy, we can reintroduce the animals back where they belong. In the last week and a half we have been able to released several animals and birds.

So what can you do to help? Through your tax deductible contributions we can purchase supplies, meds, and food we need to help to ensure our work will continue. The link below is a way to make a much needed donation.
You can also send your donation to
7601 84th St.
Noble, OK 73068
Thank you so much for your support!

For even more information follow this link to our donation page of our website.
You can follow us on Facebook @ WildCareOklahoma and twitter @ wildcareok