About Wildcare Foundation

What is WildCare?

WildCare Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation located 4 miles East of Noble, Oklahoma.

Our MISSION is to provide people a place to bring native wild animals that are struggling to survive (injured or orphaned) for care and medical treatment. Our GOAL is to release recovered and healthy individuals back to their natural habitat.

WildCare Foundation is an accredited member of the Association of Sanctuaries, a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association, and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

How did WildCare begin?

Rondie LargeWildCare began with one animal and the founder, Rondi Large, who became licensed in 1984.

“Since childhood I’ve been attracted to wildlife, and I have a soft spot for injured or orphaned animals. I fee sorry that their habitat is decreasing. Terrible things happen to them usually technology induced, that they can’t control. Sometimes when I look at what we have and are doing to the planet, I feel apologetic for being human. We cause a lot of damage. WildCare doesn’t received cottontails that have been half eaten by a hawk. The hawk gets them which is fine. That’s the way it is suppose to be in nature. But we humans have created a lot of unnatural obstacles for wild animals and the least we can do is pick up the pieces. This is my way of saying I’m sorry for being born human, but let me help those that are not.” — Rondi Large, WildCare Director.

Regulatory Permits

WildCare was officially incorporated in 1994 and approved as a tax exempt non-profit IRS 501(c)3 organization in 1995.

WildCare has been in operation and licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for rehabilitation of native Oklahoma wildlife since 1984.

We also possess the following Federal permits for migratory birds;

  • Permitted Special Purpose Wildlife Rehabilitator 50 CFR 21.27 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1991
  • Permitted Special Purpose Possession – Educational 50 CFR Part 13 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1991
  • Permitted Bald or Golden Eagles Special Purpose Wildlife Rehabilitator, 50 CFR 13.12 (a) and 50 CFR 22.21 since 2003

Our Patients

Approximately 4,500 wild animals are brought to WildCare annually for treatment and care. Over 55,000 wild animals have passed through WildCare’s facility since 1984!

4,500 wild animals from 125 species is a lot! Each year we receive, treat and hopefully release:

  • 270 birds of prey (hawks, owls, or eagles)
  • 650 cottontails
  • 200 raccoons
  • 100 skunks
  • 600 squirrels

WildCare Directors

WildCare has four Directors, all volunteers performing their duties without compensation;

  • Rondi Large, B.A., Operational Director and Co-Founder
  • O.T. Sanders, M.S., Ph.D., Facility Director and Co-Founder
  • Joe Carter, DVM, Medical Director
  • Marlys Lipe, Ph.D., Board Member

In addition to the non paid directors WildCare is staffed by full time and part time employees. Seasonal Interns assist with the hundreds of babies arriving each spring and summer. In addition volunteers contribute over 10,000 hours annually to help save Oklahoma’s wildlife.

WildCare Staff

WildCare has four full time staff

  • Terrie Girlinghouse, Clinic Team Leader
  • Miranda Vesy, Outside Team Leader
  • Laura Kintz, Nursery Team Leader
  • Karyn Lesinski, Nursery Team Leader

WildCare also has 9 paid full time yet seasonal Interns

  • Guinevere Stice, Nursery Team Leader
  • Debbie Ropolli, Pediatric Songbird Team Leader
  • Rachel Berkowitz
  • Jacob Shurba
  • Kimberly Melnyk
  • Amanda Hayes
  • William Velherlicky
  • Kristy Wicker
  • Jennie Mook

WildCare’s Facilities

WildCare is located on 7 acres outside of Noble, Oklahoma in Cleveland County. A 6’ tall perimeter chain link fence surrounds 5 ½ acres of the facility.

We have;

  • 2,600 square feet of dedicated inside space
  • 13,400 square feet of outside mammal enclosures
  • 26,100 square feet of outside bird enclosures